Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Broken angel

Hear the voice of nature, silent yet so profound,
Hear the crickets chirp, try to hear that sound
which the round raindrop made at it kissed the ground.
Peace doesn't just happen my friend, it has to be found.

As you lay in the green grass,looking at the sky,
A million twinkling stars smile and time does fly,
You can't help but wonder how little you are,
How trifle are your worries about which you care.

How would you ever understand the meaning of love,
If all your life you've given away to prove
That you are good in-front of everyone and they can see it,
While you ignore the lonely woman dying on the street...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mementos of night

When the sun has gone down, history seeks refuge 
In the benumbed arms of darkness,
The obfuscated horizon searches for hope,
Amidst the twinkling street lights, coming in and out of view.

At that moment, an aura unknown, encompasses the senses,
Rekindling a feeling of repressed nostalgia,
The blanched soul finds an uncommon companion,
Amidst the pale mementos of evanescent moonlight...  

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tangled life

Tell me that you didn't see the signs,
Of despair, or happiness, all tangled up.
In a shade of grey, gone astray, lookin' for prey
Within your mind! Oh how you wished 
That you were another face in the crowd,
Another man afraid of screaming out loud,
For help! Now it's already too far out,
The tangles have jumbled, impossible to retrieve,
Lost memories, lost moments of innocence,
It's over my friend, your cherished childhood,arcane adolescence.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Light the fire in your soul

It's your chance to take the spotlight, it's your chance to shine,
It's time to wake up, get up and know that the boundary is yours to define.
It's time to light the fire in your soul and feel the burnt,
It's time to put into action, everything you learnt.

The stage is set, everything is at a standstill, everyone is waiting for you,
 Lose those worries lose the fears, and start the play anew.
Decide the character you want to play, chose your own lines,
Come on, light the fire in your soul, It's always been you,who determines.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Dry scattered leaves on the pavement, tell a forgotten tale;
Of a life which was green but has now turned pale.
Now glancing at the rusted iron frame memories rush back,
Of those unfulfilled desires in those dreamy eyes, sparkling black.
Eyes which once dreamed of touching the sky sitting behind closed windows,
Eyes which sought for the source of light while being lost in the shadows.
How they craved to know the unknown, to see the light of another dawn,
But alas, they are broken now, lost their way on the direction of destination....

Friday, January 25, 2013

The nightmare

A ribbon of black, stretched across the horizon,
Darkening sky, awaiting for what ominous atrocity?
Evil lurking behind the shadows of the day,
The sunlight slowly melting away;
Distant whispers, inching closer with each passing moment,
The air getting heavy, with whose breaths and lament?
The obfuscated  blood stains on the stairs seeming fresh now,
An ancient groan emanating from the ground below.
A shiver of cold ran down my spine, that was cold scare,
I ran for life, but was slowly getting engulfed in my nightmare...

The umbrellas

Into the rain we scampered off, nothing could hold us back,
Not the pouring droplets nor the rumbling thunder in the night black.
Our shoes were wet, and mud scattered,
We had nowhere to go and our bodies were shattered.
But we were together, that's all that mattered.
And our battered umbrellas, held on to the rain,
as long as they could, And I could feel the pain,
That poured down your eyes for the life you left behind.
But we had to move on, we had a shelter to find,
The last feeling of warmth, passed me by,
As I held your hand for the last time, And saw the umbrellas fly....